State Board Kits

Test Supplies for State Board Practical Exams in Cosmetology

Finding and preparing all of the supplies required for your practical exam can be a daunting task. So, we spent a great amount of time with cosmetology educators to put together what we believe are the most comprehensive state board test kits available on the market today. Now, you can spend more time on what’s most important: acing your test!

Oh and there’s more. How about all those simulated products you need to prepare! Fortunately we pioneered a complete new line of simulated cosmetics called Cosmock™ Simulated Cosmetics; the first commercially available mock products specifically designed for cosmetology state board practical exams. No more time wasted mixing cholesterol in jars. All of your simulated products are ready to use and properly labeled.

Our test kits are prepared following the suggested examination supplies from the National Interstate Council of State Boards of Cosmetology (NIC®) candidate information bulletins. Although most state testing agencies use the NIC® guidelines, it is possible that your state has their own guidelines. In such cases, we suggest that you review your candidate information bulletin to see if our kits are suitable for your state exam.

60 Item(s)

60 Item(s)